Wealth Spectrum


Your Smartest Simplest Next Step To Success

As you read that headline, you may be thinking about starting your first company – or you may have your hands full with your company wanting some time back. You may be a multi-millionaire property investor looking for a better team. Or you might be deep in debt ready to get rich quick. You could be comfortable in a job, but a friend recommended you take this test. Maybe you got here by accident, and are now curious as to where YOU are on the millionaire map

The solution is to know where you are and where you want to go before seeking direction. The Wealth Spectrum Test shows you where you are right now – and the relevant steps to take based on where you are – because the right steps at one level are often the very worst steps at another level.

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The Nine Levels Of The Wealth Spectrum


Infra-red Level: Victim

Infra-red falls deeper in debt month after month. The steps that move you up are not as simple as cutting up your credit cards. Infra-red comes from separation, and the steps that connect you back to flow will surprise and excite you.


Red Level: Survivor

Red makes just enough money to have nothing. You may even have a successful business, but if you are just surviving personally, you may be at Red level. The steps to move out are not about following your passion – but a value that points in another direction


Orange Level: Worker

Orange is someone who works for a living. You entrust others to know how to monetize your time but if market conditions change, you are in danger of losing your job. Understanding how to package, price and promote will empower you for life.


Yellow Level: Player

Yellow is empowered to forge your own journey. You know how to create value, leverage it and make money in your niche. The next step up is to master not how you make money, but how you help others make money. The tools you need are the opposite…


Green Level: Performer

Green enables enterprises: The skills and mastery to lead a team profitably is entirely different from self-employment, but the rewards are exponential regardless of whether you own investments or enterprises. The catch is, you still need to be part of the team.


Blue Level: Conductor

Blue frees you entirely from having your hands full. Blue level has multiple investments and have mastered both cash and capital. When you have become a successful performer in wealth, the skills to turn from facing the audience to facing your performers is not as easy as it sounds.


Indigo Level: Trustee

Indigo is the playground of the billionaire. When you have mastered the enterprise prism, trust becomes your greatest asset and one that you can monetize in magical ways. Understand this level, and you will see the world’s wealthy through a new lens.


Violet Level: Composer

Violet prints our currencies, sets our taxes and scripts the tunes we dance to. Until recently the domain of nations, more entrepreneurs, leaders and communities are now stepping into the role of composer and rewriting the rules.


Ultra-violet Level: Legend

Those at ultraviolet are the symbols to live by, like legends on a map. Their name becomes synonymous with their composition, and are left as a legacy. Understanding the steps at this ninth level gives us a context to navigate effectively.


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