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    Wealth Dynamics Test


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    What You Get


    wd-power packOne month ePowerPack training guide on your profile (worth $99)

    gu test page

    Learning mission on GeniusU with the Flow Factor assessment to grow your flow


    A detailed 36 page report on your profile



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    Wealth Spectrum Test


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    What You Get



    Your Wealth Prism

    Find out if you’re in the foundation, enterprise or alchemy prism. The answer might shock you…


    Your Wealth Level

    Your exact level in the Wealth Spectrum, and what it means in relation to the other levels.


    Your Pain & Gain

    Every level has costs and benefits. Understanding these will give you new insight into why you’ve been stuck at one level.


    Your 3 Steps

    What are the three steps to move you to the next level? These give you clear direction you can follow immediately.


    The Wealth Profiles

    Learn how each Wealth Profile uses different strategies to move through each step within the Wealth Spectrum.


    The OneLife Lighthouse

    Discover what books to read, mentors to follow and sites to visit in a structured library and resource centre we call the lighthouse.

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